Kalencom Diaper Bag The Best Accessory For Baby And You

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For years manufacturers only created diapers bags that looked like children should own them. As if the only way that a woman will know that a bag is carrying diapers is if it looks like it is for children. Finally, diaper bag makers have caught on and have started making them the way that women actually want, as if they are bags that women have to carry around with them. The new trend in diaper bags is to make them look like regular bags, but they have all the conveniences that you need to carry all the baby things you need.

The Kalencom Diaper Bag infant accessories is one such company that has finally made a fully functional diaper bag that a woman wants to carry around with her. They have a wide range of different products from overnight, to backpacks to messenger bags, something for every person’s likes. The bags available have something different, they actually look like a handbag that a woman would be caught out in public with. The Miss Prissy Messenger Style Diaper bag is the perfect combination between style of function. It has plenty of room for a change of clothes, wipes, blanks and diapers with enough room left over for the regular items like keys and accessories that moms need for themselves.

There are plenty of pockets galore on the inside to carry wallets, keys and phones, with some additional pockets on the exterior for easy find. The Kalencom Diaper Bag also comes with a zippered pouch that carries a diaper changing pad and a bag which is insulated to tout around baby milk and formula extending the time that you can travel with it. Making it even more customized, it has an adjustable strap to make carrying it more comfortable, or a stroller strap that allows you to fasten it around the stroller so you don’t have to carry it with you. Unlike most bags, it has a handy baby’s emergency care card that stays put inside the bag should you ever need information instantly at hand. They truly thought of everything when designing this bag.

Gone are the days when women have to suffer through carrying a bag that they, well, frankly wouldn’t be caught in public with. Instead of trying to cram all babies things inside of a cramped purse, the Kalencom Diaper Bag makes it possible to be fashionable while carrying baby from location to location.

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September 18th, 2014 at 5:15 pm

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